Aug 2015 26

If you’re in Edinburgh this weekend, Eilidh will be performing her new piece, STUD, at Forest Fringe as part of the BUZZCUT WEEKENDER. Both BUZZCUT and Forest Fringe are doing brilliant things in terms of developing the performance scene in Scotland, UK and the entire world! So it’s wonderful to be a part of their programme.

STUD – SAT 29 Aug, 9:30pm  |  SUN 30 Aug, 9:45pm

The whole weekend will be full of brilliant work so you should just come and hang out. Some events are looking like they’re sold out, but we’ll always squeeze you in. Sunday is looking quieter than Saturday, so that would be a great time to come.

Here is the programme for the Weekender : BUZZCUT PROGRAMME

Here’s the link for Forest Fringe – still plenty on : FOREST LINK

Here’s the teaser video to get you in the mood:

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