STUD at Queer Contact, 4-6 FEB
Jan 2016 18

STUD : 4-6 Feb, 9:30pm as part of Queer Contact 2016 in Manchester, supported by Word of Warning


We’re very excited that STUD will be part of the opening weekend of Queer Contact in Manchester in a few weeks, alongside some really amazing performers like Andy Bell from Erasure and legendary Gender Outlaw, Kate Bornstein. This will be the first time the show is performed as part of  a queer festival so it will be really interesting to see how audiences in Manchester respond to it.

Here’s Lewis Church’s review for Exeunt from when the show was performed at Camden People’s Theatre’s Calm Down, Dear Festival back in October:

“This combination of humour and entertainment with the poignant was equally present in Stud, Eilidh MacAskill’s penis-envy western solo, a DIY horse whispering of gender identity. Whilst its stylistic touchstones are familiar, the house façade of the western and the Mr Ed vibe are brought together in a performance that manages to be both incredibly likeable and enjoyable as a thing to watch, and a genuinely thought-provoking meditation on the connections between Freud, boy genitalia, girl genitalia, gender and childhood identification with horses. Rapidly switching volume and accent, MacAskill’s delivery is charming and just the right side of unnerving, its weirdness an excellent aspect of the performance. Actually the slow realisation of the weirdness of everything, the creeping sense of inanimate objects being invested with more meaning than is ‘normal’ was a key aspect of my experience watching the piece. It makes sense in context, but is built slowly, one conceptual leap after another. Rather like some of Freud’s theories themselves then, the show has an internal and persuasive logic that defeats simple explanation.”

Full article covering Calm Down, Dear including Ira Brand’s Break Yourself and Milk Presents’ Joan can be found HERE

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