Everyone’s A Winner, Baby!
Aug 2012 05

Very quick update about a little blink-and-you’ve-missed-it project from the past couple of weeks. Eilidh has been working with some great young performance makers on a new piece of interactive live art specially-created for the Olympic Football at Hampden. Commissioned by Glasgow Life’s Last Mile Entertainment programme, we donned gold hot pants to give the winners of Glasgow their moment on the winners’ podium.

You can see some of our winners here in our Hall of Fame: everyonesawinnerbaby.tumblr.com

We’re hoping that this can be developed in the future as it was a really fun way to engage with the family audience and get people in the mood for cheering on the teams.

Big Thanks to Jon Pope at Glasgow Life for giving us the opportunity and of course big thanks to the EAWB Team of Kim Donohoe, Peter Lannon, Emily Magorrian, Emma Nutland and Rosie Reid.

Interviews, Reviews and More: Alma Mater Melbourne Press Round-up
Jun 2012 30

Now the dust from hundreds of Melbournian visitors has settled in Alma Mater’s silent white rooms, it is a good time to look at the amazing impact the show had here. What follows are excepts and links to the many press interviews, reviews and features that Alma Mater received during the Arts House season at North Melbourne Town Hall.

Alma Mater ‘a striking encounter, a puncture in space, phantasmic’ review in RealTime
Jun 2012 10

“Alma Mater proves a striking encounter—striking in the sense of a blow, a box about the ears. It’s deceptively simple to describe… And then the ghosts appear.” A great review from Australia’s leading arts magazine RealTime.

Little Miracles: Alma Mater in German Press
Jun 2012 01

“It seems uncanny, but the horror stays friendly all the time. The music to this macabre game was composed by John De Simone, is transported via earphones and sounds like an optimistic version of a Peter Greenaway score.”

Staying Cool in Cologne
May 2012 25

Alma Mater’s German premiere as part of the Theaterszene Europa Scottish-German festival in Cologne – 26th May to 2nd June 2012.
Setting up in a heat wave…

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