Near and Far at Tramway this Sunday
Feb 2013 16

Hello… Are you there?
Yes. Here I am.
Over here!
But you’re way, way, over there…

Eilidh’s best friend Robert lives on the other side of the planet in Australia, which is a very long, long way away. In fact it’s 10,542 miles away! It’s so far away that time is different for them. When Robert’s having his dinner, Eilidh’s only just having her breakfast. And when Eilidh’s going to sleep, Robert’s already in tomorrow. How can they stay close when they’re so far away?
This is the first stage of development of Near & Far: an adventurous new piece for children exploring the distance between us all and the technologies that help us shrink our world and expand our horizons. Using the vast space of Tramway 1, Eilidh MacAskill, Murray Wason, Laura Bradshaw and Robert Walton (from Australia) want to see how distance is changing for us all.

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