Everyone’s A Winner, Baby!
Aug 2012 05

Very quick update about a little blink-and-you’ve-missed-it project from the past couple of weeks. Eilidh has been working with some great young performance makers on a new piece of interactive live art specially-created for the Olympic Football at Hampden. Commissioned by Glasgow Life’s Last Mile Entertainment programme, we donned gold hot pants to give the winners of Glasgow their moment on the winners’ podium.

You can see some of our winners here in our Hall of Fame: everyonesawinnerbaby.tumblr.com

We’re hoping that this can be developed in the future as it was a really fun way to engage with the family audience and get people in the mood for cheering on the teams.

Big Thanks to Jon Pope at Glasgow Life for giving us the opportunity and of course big thanks to the EAWB Team of Kim Donohoe, Peter Lannon, Emily Magorrian, Emma Nutland and Rosie Reid.

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