Oct 2017 15

The Polar Bears had a wonderful time in Perth, Western Australia, presenting The Polar Bears Go Up as part of the aptly-named AWESOME Festival. The bears were very well looked after by all the festival staff and especially the great team at the lovely Heath Ledger Theatre at the State Theatre Centre of WA. It was a big space, but the audiences were so warm and giggly that it felt very intimate.

After the shows we had some fun times with other artists like Shona Reppe who was presenting Potato Needs A Bath; Madame Lark aka Christine Johnston who will be making a new show with Shona supported by Imaginate; and Daan Mathot and Udo Akemann from Belgium who have the great show, Deep.

And we were very lucky to receive these great reviews too:

Up, up and away!

AWESOME kid’s shows! Scoop reviews Swampjuice and Polar Bears Go Up

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