Ensemble Thing Record Alma Mater Soundtrack
Oct 2010 29

On Monday night Ensemble Thing travelled to Blantyre to record the soundtrack for Alma Mater at the Chem19 Studios.  It was an epic 9 hour stint (6pm-3am!) with 8 extraordinary musicians plus 1 conductor, 1 composer, 1 director and 1 sound engineer.  But we got the 20 minute track down, and it sounds amazing!

It wouldn’t have happened without everyone’s amazing concentration and hard work.  Come along and hear what it sounds like next week at Alma Mater @ Scotland Street School.

Ensemble Thing Record Alma Mater Monday 25 November 2010

Helena Flint, Viola

Ross McCrae, Trombone, Voice

Ed Lucas, Double Bass

Paula Fischer, Piano

Shona MacKay, Voice

Jay Capperauld, Tenor Saxophone

George Kastanos, Alto Saxaphone

Richard Merchant, Trumpet

Conducted by Oliver Searle

Composed by John De Simone

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