25 & 26 September 2009 Arches Live! Commission, The Arches

Fish & Game’s first collaboration with composer John De Simone and Ensemble Thing.

Let’s take it back. Back to basics, to nature, and the trillions of cells that make up the body. What will Fish & Game’s naughty cells make them do? Whatever happens, there will be at least one beginning, middle and end.

Trillions was the first installment of Fish & Game’s ambitious project ‘Old Abe – Our American Cousin’, a spectacular collaborative performance which they hope will boast an exciting ensemble of performers and dancers, a live New Orleans Jazz Band, an Abraham Lincoln impersonator and a troupe of youthful cheerleaders. Undeterred by a lack of financial support, Eilidh and Robert, with the help of composer/musician John De Simone, decided to carry on regardless and start the show anyway. After all, they are each made up of at least a trillion talented cells so what could go wrong?

“Trillions was another cunning assembly of whimsy and serious thought…truly mighty and memorable.” Mary Brennan, The Herald

“Even as the events spiral out of control – a president is killed, a battle between hats and gloves is promised – the relaxed atmosphere invites the audience to laugh and reflect. Fish and Game sidestep melodrama and obvious America-bashing for a nuanced study of the possible impact of Lincoln’s death on American culture, without ever becoming portentous or simplistic. Direct, immediate and witty, Trillions explains why Fish and Game can cross over to proscenium theatres and not loose their distinct identity.” Gareth Vile, The Skinny

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