Strange Hungers

Obscene inverts! Sexless termites! Hermaphroditic spinsters! Just some of the things Maud & Claude have been called while touring the world with their timeless lavender cabaret (read: grubby lesbo freakshow)…

Strange Hungers was originally created for Glasgay! 2011 in association with The Arches. It is a joyous deconstruction of lesbian identity, stereotyping and representation throughout history wrapped up in an energetic, comedic performance that skews the lines between theatre, live art and cabaret.

VIDEO – Claude & Maud in the costume store

Strange Hungers was devised by the cast:

Claude – Rosana Cade;  Maud – Eilidh MacAskill; Aud – Deb Jones; Magic Fingers – Lizy Stirrat

“Fish & Game – perhaps the flower of Scotland’s response to international experimental theatre [present] a comic and educational trip through history and around the world…A worthy archaeology of hidden histories…interrupted by sensuality, humour and a hot titty show… connects easily to the neo-cabaret revival”          Gareth Vile, The Skinny, November 2011

“Hilarious…unique and bizarre” – Diva Magazine

Past Outings:

Summerhall, Red Lecture Theatre, Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th August, 16:00

Marlborough Theatre, Brighton,  30th & 31st March 2012 : Part of Pink Fringe’s Culture Shock, supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

The Arches, Glasgow, Thu 27–Sat 29 Oct 2011 : A co-production with the Arches and Glasgay! 2011

Twitter Responses:

@fishngame LOVED Strange Hungers! What’s next for Claude and Maude?

Laughed so much last night @fishngame new production Strange Hungers, hysterical AND enlightening, finishes tonight

 I heart @fishngame A riotous, absurd and risky show, putting the greedy spectator on the spot and not apologising. Brazen, funny and smart!

 @fishngame @RosieArches thanks fer a fab show tonite ladies, havent learned about and laughed at lesbiana so much in ages! @glasgayfestival

Strange Hungers from @fishngame at The Arches last night, part of @glasgayfestival was uproarious, naughty fun. Go buy a ticket! #glasgay

What an enjoyable night with @fishngame! Strange Hungers is brilliant. Worth every penny x

Had a fantastic time at #strangehungers at the arches last night. Very very funny, well done girls!

We can’t WAIT. Finally – a cabaret-cum-titty-show about lesbian history. Why hasn’t this happened before?!

 Congratulations. Strange Hungers is the definitive lesbian show. Hilarious, courageous and political! Thank you!

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